Rotating Tower 2
Drive sprocket

Making the inserts in a lathe.

Reductor: 1.2 rpm (1 rpm = 50sec.)
Sprocket: Z1=21 / Z2=34
Reduction 1 : 1,619
Transmission = 1 : 0,617
Towerspeed = 0,74 rpm
This means that the tower will rotate at 360 degrees at 80sec


The 60mm hole for the spindle drive is not difficult to assemble. Drilling the main drive sprocket was not tricky using the right tools as you will see right. As usual, I got much involved in the construction process but did not forgot to take as many pictures as I would like.


As you can see from the picture I decided to attack from the front of the gear. There wasn't enough room to get whole 60mm hole so I had to use a different position.


A jaw chuck will be used on a lathe to clamp the sprocket


Well it all worked out in the end cutting the 60mm hole. This is looking from the front on the drive gear mechanism.

You can see how many wast is located under metal lathe.


The drive gear needs one key for the drive shaft. (18x10mm ISO norm). With special equipement milling the key within the drive gear.


Shaft and key and drilling the locking screw


Inserting the driveshaft into the SEW helical bevel reductor.


Finally 4 screws for the coverplate. (will be showed later)

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