Rotating Tower 2
Rotating Base Unit

Preparations to transform the existing Tower Base into a Rotating Tower platform

Since 2004 my second tower is a non-rotating base tower therefore the wire rods form a unity with the concrete.

The Rotating Tower base has to be situated as shown on the right picture


Removing the M16 wire rods with a angle grinder


Drilling the new 6x M25 holes


Installing 6x M20 / 8.8 THVZ thermal galvanized Using Hilti Chemical Anchors, injection technology to fasten the bolds.


Apply high quality grease and leveling the platform


Platform installed.
I only use 8.8 thermal galvanized hexagon bolts.


bearing and plates,




In the middle the actuator for positioning.

Total 32 x M16x100 8.8 thermal galvanized hexagon bolts for fastening the bearing.





Next step is to install the tower elements on top of the baseplate and bearing.


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