Coax Cabin Power Supply

May 2014


Powersupply in the cabin and the earthing system, which is an essential part of any electrical installation or appliance.

The correctly designed and installed earthing system i.e. earthing rods or grounding rods, will protect both live currents and equipment.


Installing an earth rod

Installing a typical earthing electrode consisting of a conductive steel/copper rod driven into the ground 3000x16mm

  Installing an earth rod

The most versatile type of earth electrode is the driven rod. Made of copper clad steel, it is 1-2.5m in length and 16mm in diameter. The rods are joined by an external sleeve or stud. Copper rods are great for earth electrodes but need to be driven into the ground using a power hammer.

1.A low electrical resistance itself
2.Protection against corrosion
3.A life span of about 30 years
4.The ability to repeatedly carry high currents

Make sure there is enough light in the cabin, using 2x TL RS (Rapid Start) lamp (tube diameter 38 mm) has an external silicon coating. It is suitable for situations where high humidity requires fast and stable ignition but color rendering is not important. Rapid Start lamps can be ignited without a starter.
  Power Supply

Basic Circuit Breaker 3x16A 220/380 VAC Merlin Gerin, provide overload and short-circuit protection for the tower drive equipement
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