Top Bearing

Top Bearing

First idea; making of...

Making a suspension point for wire antennas in a free standing rotating tower.

The new tower has a top tube of approximately 10' Made of heavy duty, steel (galanized) thickness of 0,16" Diameter is 2,36"



Using a standaard trolley wheel, removing the redundant components. Center position en drilling 0,39" hole for the M16 stud (0,63")



Dip galavanized M16 stud locked with M16 Nordlock nut

Cutting a piece fiberglass rod placing this across the M16 stud.


This is working fine!

Though, I do have a better idea:
Using an old Kenpro Top Bearing with tube as a suspension point for the 4SQ and topband dipole...

  Second idea:

Cutting a square 6x6" from a 0,4" old tower aluminium plate.


Positioning the bearing in the middle. Drilling holes en cleaning the plate.


Cleaning the housing and roller bearings.

Greasing and the bearings the look new!


re-assemble the parts...



Mount the Kenpro at the plate and secure the bolts.



Although every part is hot dipgalvanized it's painted RAL7035

Found some other tube parts in my repository.


Top tube

The suspension point for wire antennas wil be placed in the top tube. Therefore I am cutting it to the right size and provide it with eye-bolts.


Support bearing

Tension the screws into the aluminium frame with 6Nm torque. Otherwise you will rupture the plates.


Screw eye

Attaching the A2 (RVS) screw eye's.



The suspension point is ready and everything is now prepared for lifting the tower.


Ready @130'

The suspension point without wire-antennas

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