Crankup Tower
Galvanizing Hardware

July 2013

Base plate

350kg base plate loading onto my trailer.


Wood construction

Tailor made wood construction for handling the lenght and weight.



Parts from the basepole


Loading the 4m long pole.


850 kg of weight has to be ballanced on the trailer.


Hot-dip galvanizing

Before galvanizing the 1.000 in total will be moved to a ''sand blasting station''. is the application of a metallic zinc layer to iron or steel by dipping it into molten zinc (with a temperature of approx. 450 °C). By this process, a resistant alloy layer consisting of iron and zinc and thereon a highly adherent layer of pure zinc is built up. Hot-dip galvanizing is one of several methods to build up a zinc coat. Difference is made between (discontinuous) batch galvanizing and (continuous) strip galvanizing.


Normal-temperature galvanizing (NTV)

When steel is dipped into molten zinc at a temperature of approximately 450 °C, a layer of iron-zinc alloy with a variety of compositions and then a highly adherent layer of pure zinc builds up on the steel component as a result of inter-diffusion between the liquid zinc and the steel surface.