Rotor Lifting

Hydraulic Truck Crane

Lifting Tower Base (rotor)

Today the rotor will be lifted into the prepared pothole. Orderd a 60 Tonne Hydraulic Truck Crane.



The key to lifting a maximum capacity load with a mobile crane is the outriggers. They provide a solid platform for the crane's safe operation and efficient use. Operators and workers within a crane's radius must always be aware of how critical the placement and use of outriggers are to the crane's performance. Without this awareness they may place both themselves and the crane in peril.



The stability-limited rated load for a mobile crane supported on outriggers is 85% of the tipping load. The tower base rotor is abt. 5 tonne of weight. The chart shows the crane dimensions. It includes data for operation with the outriggers extended, transport weight, and steering dimensions. Knowledge of this information is especially critical if the crane will be working in a confined space, as the lifting capacity varies depending on whether the outriggers are extended.




Load Chart

Each crane has a load chart that, in short, specifies the crane's capabilities—detailing its features and how its lift capacity varies when considering distance and angle.



Smooth and easy with an range of 25m (75ft)



This illustrates the maximum lift if a luffing or fixed jib is used. With higher angles of lift, the maximum load capacity decreases. With a luffing jib, the angle can be automatically adjusted from the operators cab. With a fixed jib, of course, the angle is fixed.



From the cabine...



Raising the rotor object upwards and downwards, keeping the base in a neutral position and lowering...



Performing Herculean tasks that would otherwise seem impossible it's hard to believe just how much weight it's moving because it deals with these multiton objects with relative ease.

In a matter of minutes, this machine is able to raise PA1A rotor and move it into postion



Of the towerbase and outtriggers



Cutting U-profile metal brackets underneath the tower base standoff.



The intention is to distribute the tower base weight of 5 tonne to the construction floor.


Construction floor

Tower base in postion.



PA1A rotor has been placed on the construction floor. PVC tubes will be used to support the coaxial- and power cables into the center of the tower base.

Next: filling 16m3 concrete into the gaping hole...