Rotating Tower 1
Direction Control Modification

Direction Read Out Modification. From incremental to absolute enconder.

My previous tower control was was build in 2002. Because the incremental read did have a small % misreadout, I decided to install a absolute encoder with 1:1 drive

First I had to drill a hole.


The hole in the concrete was needed to place the alu rod of 6mm (0,235'') for coupling a 1:1 drive with the absolute encoder.


Centre the rod before using Hilti.

A high strength, two part adhesive epoxy with a long working (gel) time. Used in solid based concrete applications.


Driveshaft has been fastened


  Building the control unit and readout with the help of DF1SR design displaying exact direction of the tower.


Absolute encoder with the interfaceboard.


Inside the interfaceboard.


Installing the encoder and coupler in test situation.


2009 August

I designed a service friendly adjustable and removable decoder using two stainless steel (A2) plates.

The white box on the left within the remote unit.


Also using a flexcoupler for adjustment to the shaft.

Here you can see the way how easy it is to remove the decoder for service reasons. Just loosen the srews and remove the unit.


The flexcoupler and fixed box within the rotatingtower.


Building the PCB into the controlbox and finishing the frontplate.

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