The First One From The Netherlands

The Netherlands


Latitude: 53.366858 
Longitude: 6.369068


Dealing with a setback 2012-2013
During a heavy storm with very exceptional gusts of 74 mph my existing 150 foot antenna tower collapsed at 5th January 2012. I had to deal with this setback and rebuilding it using a second-hand Liebherr 120HC tower crane base as rotor and 130 foot Telecommunication mast. https://www.qrz.com/lookup/pa1a


Discipline and perseverance 2008-2018 My definition of success to achieve it. This project was not a sacrifice but has moved me further along the upward curve of life. Performed all the construction steps for building a new premises. Acting as general contractor with all aspect of construction work which has been carried out by myself during this period. http://www.werklust-leens.nl


Full A and C class license
Morsecode included
Licenced since Feb/1982
PA1A (2003 august 4th)

Previous full A-class licenses:
PA1CW (1999-2003)
PA3CWM (1982-1999)
PD0MIK (1982)
PA6A (1991-1995)

T50A, T70A,T5, ST, ST0, 5Z, 5H, 9U, 6Y,
ET, J2, 9X, W2, W6, DU, ZL, 4X, EA, T7, 4N

All Time CQWW Ph Record - Europe- PA

AIS Station Id: 4824


Rotating Tower #1
150' BICC (Rhon 45G) (down@)
40m 4 el OWA 52' boom(down@)
40m, INV-V
40m, Full size vertical
10m 5 el OWA 35' boom (down@)
160m, INV-V
1.5/8 , 7/16'' and 3/8 coaxial hardline

Rotating Tower #2
120' BICC (Rhon 45G)

20m 4 el OWA 45' boom (down@)
15m 6 el OWA 45' boom(down@)
6m, 7 el 6M7JHV 31 boom (down@)
6m, 7 el 6M7JHV 31 boom (down@)
160m shunt feed to tower
80m, SQ4 and INV-V
80m, Full size vertical
1.5/8 , 7/16'' and 3/8 coaxial hardline

NCRT Tower #3
No Compromise Rotating Tower
The idea is to rotate the new FS (Free Standing) at the base and add some new features: -Slewing gear at base -Tower lift for antenna's.

Crack-Up Tower#4
100'not in use (yet)



Yeasu FT5000MP
2x 3-1000Z home brew

160m and 80m, K9AY
Beverages NE, SE, NW, SW 525' long @ 6,5'
Beverage W, 450' long @ 6,5'
Beverages E, N, S, 785' long @ 6,5'

Almost everything: rotors, towers, equipment,
software control, remote antenna switches

VHF/ UHF Transverter
1.2GHz Dish 3m EME
144MHz, 10 el home made 18' boom
FT7900e / IC910
Kathrein K 75 11 21 / 406 – 470 MHz
Bird #4304A, 25-1000MHz 5-500 Wattmeter

The Heil Sound Pro Set HC4
MM3 Morse Machine