4-element 7 MHz OWA 52ft Boom
Element Tensioner

Guy wire brackets for the elements

Although the elements were designed for 120mph and could be used without element tensioners as called support guy wires, I decided to overrule my own concept.

The following pictures will give an overview about the hardware.


Using Fe-square tubing 40x40x2mm

Together with a baseplate are welded together.


The standoff will be placed abobe the element 2boom brackets.


Between the two support brackets a flex U-bracket will fit the support guy wires when the elements are placed on the boom.




To connect the support wires at the element, I use seperate plates. Predirlled before galvanizing.


To deform the plate (5mm thick), just use brute force...


8 pieces, makes one for each half element.

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