4-element 7 MHz OWA 52ft Boom
Element 2 Boom Clamps

September 2009

How to construct Element2Boom clamp for a 40m Full Size Yagi

Using Fe instead Al. My initial idea is to copy an professional rugged clamp. U-profile measuring 250x50mm (10''x 2'')


Cutting the angles with a Jigsaw instead of an Angle grinder. Using the right blades for 4mm Fe (0,6'') will do the job.


For safety reasons, always make a smooth clamp. During antenna work you you will appreciate it.

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Using a 3'' (90mm) boom. As you can see, this is the way how the clamps are constructed.

Using 4 boom plates and welding the paret together.


Locking and adjustingn the parts before welding


Over the full lenght, top and bottom and the clamps and U-plates are welded. This will provide the total stiffness of the element2boom clamps


4 element2boom clamps are ready for drilling.

Starting the element with 60mm (2.5'') in center.


Drilling with 14mm holes (1,8''). After galvanizing 12mm will be used to fasten the bolts.


Drilling the holes for the center element using a wooden template with pre-drilled holes for marking the holes with a marker.


I like to use rugged pipeclamps for all antenna designs.


Ready designed element2boom clamp with 2.5 and 3'' pipeclamps.

The driver has not to be mounted on the boom, therefore antother system will be used.



2.5 and 3'' pipeclamps.


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