160m Loop

September 2009

Top Band preparation for the winter season is also the installation of the seperate receive antennas.

PA1A is using K9AY and beverages. This season there have been made some modifications to the pole.


As a HAM who has passion for homebrew, you need everything in stock concerning antenna tools and steenless steel equipement.

Special grease (anti-seize) to prevent corrosion.


25ft military fiberglass and small 3mm guywires. As always I use Hardline coaxial cable (3/8'' for K9AY)


Spacing with the transmit antennas and the K9AY loop is approx. 300ft.



Gasfilled Siemens
goldplated KAMrelays for switching the K9AY Loops.
Using LED instead normal Diodes.


Trying different 9:1 baluns.
Usage of a galvanic separated 9:1 transformer wounded on a 4c6 does not seem better than the original one on a FT50 core

There is no interference or noise in all cases


The SWR curve shows a good match. Using the miniVNA.

Click the image for large screen view



Finishing touch of the control unit...


N-connector because this is much easier to attach with the 7/16'' connector of the hardline.


Frontplates (link how2make) made of adhesive matarial.
looking much niceer within the homebrew line :-)

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