14 MHz
Element & Boom Modifications

The 4 element 20M4 broken reflector


As you can see, the elements has to be renewed.


Using 19-2 / 16-1.5 / 13-1.5 mm tubes to match with the non-metric M2 elements.


The original tapering has been fixed with 10mm (5'') 16-1.5mm tube. Lenght=25mm (10'')

  Inside the elements DACRON rope for fibration. A second reason is that when storm damage should occur, the element will not ''fly'' away.


Modification on the boomtensioner


Using Parafill rope and terminals

The T-Match balun fixed to the boom


Boomtensioner using PA1A standard terminals.

Adjusting at ground level using MiniVNA

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