New 80m Dipole

December 2015

Broken wire80m dipole

Since 1999 in use the 4mm (0,635'') very strong braided copper wire has broken. Removing the antenna and replace it with 6mm (0,423") braided copper bronze wire.


110' suspension point

all in all, it takes about one day to do the replacement.

On the below picture your can see the difference between 4- and 6mm wire


Dipole antenne

Easy to make:
1. measure,
2. cleaning with hydrochloric acid,
3. cleaning with water,
4. drilling the cable lugs, soldering,
5. Installing the wire terminals


Dipole antenne

Easy to make:
6. assemble the end insulators
7. finishing of the threaded rod
8. Installing the antenna



Climbing the tower en hook up the wires to the UDC (universal dipole connection)



Take the wires down and connect the tension rope. Due to the wind the wires can not be reached..

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