5.400 MHz Dipole


September 2015

60m in The Netherlands

According to the Dutch Amateur Radio Association VERON and the telecommunications authority Agentschap Telecom is expected in September the release of the frequency range 5350 kHz to 5450 kHz will take place in the Netherlands for the amateur service on a secondary basis for all operating modes



Collecting material, clamps, insulators, hardware and other things...



Making a MILSPEC broadband dipole @90' using fiberglass rods for support function of the UDC (Universale Dipole Connection Without balun...)



Grease the bolds and cutting the glassfiber rod.


Suspension point

Using 6mm2 copper bronze antenna wire. The UDC should be attached to the Suspension point

Using hydrochloric acid 30% to clean the copper bronze antenna wire before brazing



Plastic housing with special attention form the anchorages. Using 7/16 female connectors with a solid copper plate for ground earth.



stainless steal bolds and copper connections. Preparation of the EH-E72 polyurethane resin. This is a two-part, filled polyurethane resin system good handling properties at room temperature, good working life, excellent water resistance, resistant to thermal shock, low exotherm, very low stresses during cure, low shrinkage, and very good electrical properties.


IEH-E72 polyurethane resin

1:5 mixing the two components. Typical Use for resin: Encapsulation of modules, strain sensitive circuitry, transformer coils, instrument transformers and current transformers



Stainless steal material and firm material...



Dipole @90' water resistant plugs...



MARS is the Military Affiliate Radio Service. Using the FTDX5000 @5.400MHz you shouls make a innerconnection @ jumper `JP45xx / #05. After this mods, do a full MP reset.