Triangle Frame


3m Dish

In 2016 I picked up this
10' dish. Calculated approximately 32.39 dBi of gain on 2.4 GHz. The idea is to use this antenna for QO-100. First I have to construct the base for the antenna.



From PA1A stock: hot-dipped galvanized iron H-beams previously used as temporary light poles, but original from a 24m pole, are being used as base frame.


22mm holes for the M20 bolts right through very thick iron using a portable drilling machine with a magnetic base with Core drill bit. A basic requirement for successful core drilling is secure positioning of the core drilling unit. This can only be achieved if the magnetic base is placed on a level, clean work piece that is at least ⁷/₁₆" (12mm) thick. If this is not the case, there is a risk of significant loss of magnetic holding force.



Cutting 2x 1.25m UNP-140 to connect the frame. High Speed Steel (M2) is the standard material used in Slugger cutters. 3/4” Weldon shank with pilot pin. Allowing coolant flow to center of cutter during drilling cycle, ejects slug from center of cutter after the drilling cycle and aligning slugger cutters to desired drilling position

Assembling the parts in the workshop using the 1T chain hoist.

Assembling the completed frame at the designated place near the tower.

Anti-root cloth and large gravel tiles to the ground. Building the parts.
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