Spinner Remote Coax Switch


Spinner DPDT repair

PA1A has several Spinner DPDT coax switches with 7/16" connector. One of them has been bought for only 15,- euro and need some repair (bad micro-switches). The original is show below and has built in capacitors and special mechanical switches.



The SPINNER range of switches comprises a great variety of different switch types for high sophisticated applications. The outstanding RF figures of our success are RF performances from a few watts to several hundreds of kilowatts as well as coaxial sizes starting with N to 6 1/8" EIA for frequencies up to several GHz.

One bolt has been broken....
  Motor drive

Motor Drive Motor driven switches use a capacitor motor (230V/ 50-60Hz) with a special gear (see hypocycloidic gear), developed by SPINNER, which generates the torque required to turn the switch. This drive system has a 90° rotation angle and is locked in both end positions.

When removing the inner parts, be sure detect the 8x springs!!!


The drive and the basic switch element (rotor) are connected by a special hypocycloidic gear developed by SPINNER. The hypocycloidic gear changes torque and angular velocity as it turns.

  New stuff

Removing the old wires and switches.
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