144 MHz


Boom clamp

The influence of a pole sticking right thru your VHF Yagi including mounting clamp and all is a serious one. Especially when the mast is not in symmetry with the element centres, as must be when attached sideways to the pole tube. As imperfect as a simulated boom tube may be in any NEC program. The outcome shows plenty of pattern deterioration, the more the thicker the pole tube and the larger its sideway offset is.




The top tower section is 4"" (101,6mm) and I have to install a 10 element 144 MHz yagi in top of this tower. Therefore I have to make a custom clamp adjusting from 101.6mm to 36mm

In stock I do have an adjustable tower clamp with a maximum of 120mm. Removing the blocks and install the springs to shift the clamps to 110mm



Fixing the non-conducted 36mm glass fiber rod to the new adjusted 110mm clamp, I am using a 35mm stainless steel pipe clamp.

Drilling bigger holes to fit the M12 bolts

  Glass fiber

Also in stock, 36mm glass fiber rod, formerly used as military masts. Cutting the end of the insertion area.

Rings are cut half way through and the pipe clamps 36mm have been adjusted to fit.
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