KR400/600 Revision


KR600 gearshaft broken

For a simple antenna application (receive loop) I need a light simple rotor. This one was at my junk attic, but has a broken drive shaft. Time to fix it. First I was affraid my lathe was to big, but in the end it worked out fine.

The shaft D=7mm, therefore necessary to turn 1 mm on both sides of the shaft onto the lathe. I am using a 7mm iron drill as replacement (it barely fits)



Disassabling the rotor and parts, installing the new shaft and cleaning the gears and parts. This works best with brake cleaner. Cheap and very effective.


Clean them in a small tray with brake cleaner. There is no need to replace them, because when worn out, the rotor housing will be worn out also.

Set the potmeter NORTH and the LEVER arm in middle position. The actuator is positioned in the opposite direction: assemble the top-cover.


After cleaning I am using multi-purpose grease and copper plus grease for the bolts.

No costs, 2 hours work and this old KENPRO is back for rotation ;o)


From right to left:
KR600, Middle PropPitch, Large PropPitch

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