United Broadcast Dish



The price was right for this dish - Its a BUD (Big Ugly Dish). It was originally used for 10-12 GHz TV Receive Only (TVRO). Replacing the C band feed at the focal point it can be turned into a great ham antenna.




Taking the C band feed off that old TVRO dish and attach a ham band feed system and convert the mount to elevation and azimuth automatic control for a great ham satellite antenna system. TVRO dishes should work also great on DSP EME.



On this 10' dish, the tri band feed has measured 35 db of gain on 2300 MHz 29 db of gain on 1296 MHz and 18 db on 435 MHz. 35 db of gain makes a 1 watt signal sound like 2 KW!
  Future project

This project will be in the future, as my HF station needs an upgrade first ;o)
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